April 18, 2009

New Happenings at The Cellar Door

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Sorry for the lack of recaps on the shows, but we’ve been super busy around here with so many shows- My hope though, is that you’ve been coming to the shows so there will be no need for recaps!

Here’s a quick lineup of new things to look out for:

Pizzas for Lunch!
We are now serving lunch, Monday through Friday from 11:30am-2pm
Featuring our 8 inch personal pizzas. Enough to share!

$6 Pepperoni or Tomato Basil
$7 Meat lover’s or BBQ chicken
Short on time? Call it in and order it to go! 636-WINE

Late night pizza to go!
When you’re starving late Friday and Saturday night, we can make you a pizza to go, up until 2:30am. We call it our sober-up special! Cheese and pepperoni pizzas will be available, as well as soft drinks to go!

Play Wii at The Cellar Door!
We have a giant projector screen and a huge stage, what better way to use it than with video games?
Mondays- Rock Band on the Wii
Wednesdays- Wii sports (or bring your own game)
Tuesday, April 20th- American Idol style Karaoke

TV Viewing of the Stage!
Now, even if the stage is surrounded by people, you will be able to view the performance from the TV’s throughout The Cellar Door!

Coming Soon:

Beer of the month club!

Special messages from the bands!


February 4, 2009

Wii Wednesday

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Well, it’s not a show, but it IS entertainment. Anyone who has been at The Cellar Door on a Wednesday night knows that once we fire up the Wii, the party begins! The night started off with Wii Play, where a couple of first-timers had a blast racing cows. You know you’ve always wanted to do that in real life!

Now the party has turned into an intense game of tennis- A particularly loud uproar during the game almost made me drop a glass- but everyone is having a good time in a fun, clean, safe atmosphere. I think we all need this kind of relaxing fun in times like these! Not to mention the sweet deals on beer- $2 and $3 beers all night. Can’t beat that!

Here’s an action shot, excuse the poor quality, it’s from my blackberry.