August 22, 2009

No, this isn’t a joke…

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billy corgan

Billy Corgan, with Spirits in The Sky, and Dave Navarro will be performing at The Cellar Door Wednesday, Aug 26. Tickets sold out FAST! This was originally going to take place at Tazzaria, an intimate coffee shop on Main street (with amazing food, by the way!) but because it went from a solo acoustic act to a full fledged band, capacity was diminished.  It is, of course, 21+… and we’re really excited to be hosting this! I hope you got tickets!

And I don’t need to say it… but DO NOT MISS THIS!! For those that stay in the know about Sound N Visions happenings and also what’s going on at the Cellar Door, we thank you for your support. We do this for people like you!!!!!