July 9, 2010

A little about Admiral Radley…

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Submitted by Aaron Gomes of Sound N Vision Foundation

Friday, July 9
ADMIRAL RADLEY (feat. Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch of GRANDADDY plus Aaron and Ariana of EARLIMART!)
$10, 21+, 9:30pm
The Cellar Door
101 W. Main St., Visalia

One of the most anticipated indie rock album releases this month actually comes from musicians with Central Valley roots. To pay homage to their homeland the band will play their first shows in support of their album “I Heart California”, right here in the valley.

This new indie super-band is called Admiral Radley, and combines the core songwriting members of Grandaddy (Jason Lytle) and Earlimart (Aaron Espinoza), along with other members of both bands including Aaron Burtch and Ariana Murray.

Grandaddy formed in Modesto, and throughout the mid to late 90’s they toured the world as one of indie-rock’s premier bands, playing shows and collaborating live with legend’s like Elliot Smith. Their experimental electronic sounds combined with elements of folk and rock set the stage for many indie bands to come. Upon the release of their most acclaimed indie classic album “The Software Slump”, the valley boys picked up numerous fans, including an excited David Bowie. They toured the world, playing huge festivals and sold out theaters.

Later Grandaddy music was featured in a variety of commercials for companies including Coca Cola, Honda Civic, and Dodge.

In 2005, Grandaddy officially called it quits nine years after their first album release.

Meanwhile, Fresno’s Aaron Espinoza was still touring with his acclaimed indie band Earlimart. Espinoza had been a friend and fan of Grandaddy all along, and like many good friends they later combined to start a band, Admiral Radley.

Why the name Admiral Radley?

Members of the band were heavily into skateboarding in the 90’s. In fact, an injury was all that kept Lytle from becoming a professional skateboarder, and he sings about those days on his new song “Red Curbs”.

Most anybody skateboarding in the 90’s fondly remember’s a skateboarding film titled “The Search for Animal Chin”. In this skateboarding classic the skate team travels the world in search of a fictional character considered to be one of the first skateboarders of all time thought to possess the secret to ‘having a good time’. After adventerously traveing the world on their skateboards and having an amazing time along the way, the skaters realize that even though they never see Animal Chin, the journey itself is the real reward; thus they ‘found’ Animal Chin.

Likewise, it seems that Grandaddy and Earlimart have combined as a group of long-time friends destined to carry on the same search for their muse, Admiral Radley.

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November 13, 2009

Dawes in Rolling Stone!

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Indie Folk-rock group Dawes, recently seen and heard at The Cellar Door opening for Langhorne Slim, was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Take a look!

(c) Rolling Stone

(c) Rolling Stone

September 26, 2009

Lee Rocker’s set list

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lee rocker setlist

September 10, 2009

The greatest song about Visalia there ever was

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If you weren’t here to hear Reggie Watts emotional ballad about Visalia and its inhabitants, if you didn’t see the awesome chorus line (okay, his dancing fingers) that accompanied the song, well then, maybe the lovely folks at http://www.gooutvisalia.com would be kind enough to help you out with some video. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

June 15, 2009

Another fun week!

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Truth & Salvage Co is currently on tour with The Black Crowes! Dont miss their performance at The Cellar Door 6/20!

Truth & Salvage Co is currently on tour with The Black Crowes! Don't miss their performance at The Cellar Door 6/20!

This week’s lineup includes Wine Club (6/18) White Rabbits (6/19) and Truth & Salvage Co (6/20)!!

Check out our calendar for more information!

Are you going? Will you be taking pictures? Submit your photos by 6/23, and the owner of best photo will be featured on the blog and will also win a free pizza from The Cellar Door!!

May 21, 2009

The Lights see the sights…

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Seattle-based band, The Lights, are opening for The Obits tonight, but first they decided to check out the farmer’s market and experience first hand how awesome the locals are. Don’t miss tonight’s show, brought to you by Sound N Vision Foundation!

The Lights visit Visalia's farmers market before their show

The Lights visit Visalia's farmers market before their show

March 31, 2009

Marnie “Wow” Stern…

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At least I think that’s her middle name- if not it should be- because that’s the comment I heard over and over again about her and her band. It was an amazingly fun, loud, awesome show. The perfect cure for an otherwise boring Thursday night! Check out the video below.

March 10, 2009

The Euphoria of EFTERKLANG

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Beautifully captivating and unique is one way to decribe Efterklang, from Denmark. Their mesmerizing harmonies, infectious hand-clapping and feet-stomping rythms will get even the most stoic concert-goer reason to move around.

The amazing thing about this band, is that their presence is so unique and interesting to so many different people, that even the most distracted audience member will close their mouths, perk up their ears and listen. Shushes aren’t often heard when this band plays, because their performance draws in each and every person in a gentle way.

Thanks to the many people who came out Monday night- aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this show?

February 25, 2009

Modest Mouse

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Even though it did not take place at The Cellar Door, it’s so big, we feel we should at least mention it!

For those who went, how awesome was that show?!

For those who didn’t- I’m really sorry. Truly. I won’t rub it in any more!

Thanks so much to Aaron and his crew with sound & Vision that made the whole thing possible- I have a feeling that this is a stepping stone for many great things to come. Visalia will never be the same!

And regarding the afterparty- there were so many people there that unfortunately we couldn’t keep the Rock Band on Wii going, sorry for that! I hope everyone had a great time anyways, and we’ll see you for more after parties!

February 18, 2009

From Sweden, with love

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Loney Dear is yet another band that makes me wish I could clap a million times louder… I’m realistic, you see- I know I’ll never be able to whistle like the pros do, but if only I could clap as loud as I appreciated the awesome music- and the fact that in Visalia, on a Tuesday night, we are spoiled enough to see an amazing band from Sweden. I hope you didn’t miss this show.

Here’s a quick pic- will update with better pictures and video later!

Loney Dear @ The Cellar Door 2/17/09

Loney Dear @ The Cellar Door 2/17/09