April 18, 2009

New Happenings at The Cellar Door

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Sorry for the lack of recaps on the shows, but we’ve been super busy around here with so many shows- My hope though, is that you’ve been coming to the shows so there will be no need for recaps!

Here’s a quick lineup of new things to look out for:

Pizzas for Lunch!
We are now serving lunch, Monday through Friday from 11:30am-2pm
Featuring our 8 inch personal pizzas. Enough to share!

$6 Pepperoni or Tomato Basil
$7 Meat lover’s or BBQ chicken
Short on time? Call it in and order it to go! 636-WINE

Late night pizza to go!
When you’re starving late Friday and Saturday night, we can make you a pizza to go, up until 2:30am. We call it our sober-up special! Cheese and pepperoni pizzas will be available, as well as soft drinks to go!

Play Wii at The Cellar Door!
We have a giant projector screen and a huge stage, what better way to use it than with video games?
Mondays- Rock Band on the Wii
Wednesdays- Wii sports (or bring your own game)
Tuesday, April 20th- American Idol style Karaoke

TV Viewing of the Stage!
Now, even if the stage is surrounded by people, you will be able to view the performance from the TV’s throughout The Cellar Door!

Coming Soon:

Beer of the month club!

Special messages from the bands!


March 31, 2009

Marnie “Wow” Stern…

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At least I think that’s her middle name- if not it should be- because that’s the comment I heard over and over again about her and her band. It was an amazingly fun, loud, awesome show. The perfect cure for an otherwise boring Thursday night! Check out the video below.

March 10, 2009

The Euphoria of EFTERKLANG

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Beautifully captivating and unique is one way to decribe Efterklang, from Denmark. Their mesmerizing harmonies, infectious hand-clapping and feet-stomping rythms will get even the most stoic concert-goer reason to move around.

The amazing thing about this band, is that their presence is so unique and interesting to so many different people, that even the most distracted audience member will close their mouths, perk up their ears and listen. Shushes aren’t often heard when this band plays, because their performance draws in each and every person in a gentle way.

Thanks to the many people who came out Monday night- aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this show?

February 25, 2009

They are Black Carl

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Emma Pew of Black Carl

Emma Pew of Black Carl

… And they are my new obsession. I crave their music. Thankfully everyone else loves the music just as much, so no one has gotten sick of my repeated CD! Tempe, AZ-based Black Carl recently visited The Cellar Door on Friday, February 21st, and knocked everyone’s socks off.  Emma Pew’s lead vocals are sassy, saucy, and simply amazing- even though she was struggling through a cold. This woman has some serious pipes! The band has a great energy, and you can tell they make a great team- they put on an awesome show! Thankfully, we got video, hopefully we’ll get it up soon!

If you like soulful singing and gritty lyrics, this band will become a new favorite. I’ll be bringing them back in July hopefully, and would love to see Grand Ole Party on the bill- I’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, fall in love with Black Carl.

Update: Here’s a video from that night. Sorry for the horrible quality, we’re still working on the best settings to work with youtube!

February 3, 2009

Tribute to War, Free show!

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Everyone likes free things. That’s why The Cellar Door is providing live entertainment for FREE on Tuesday, February 3rd! Tribute to War takes the stage at 9, and we will have select $2 bottled beers and $3 draft pints! Don’t miss the show!