April 22, 2010

Helping our community

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Please take just a moment and help some of our community members out by voting on this great idea! It just takes a second, and you could be changing lives! Read about their plan below and then vote HERE!

About Romanced Records
Romanced Records was founded to create, promote, and distribute creative and quality music. We are also motivated to use these gifts to benefit the world around us. In March 2008, we partnered with a tour entitled “Rock for Water” which raised $26,000 for clean water.


* Organize and promote a tour to raise money for California communities
* Funnel 100% of donated funds to homeless shelters in each city

The Rock for Water tour received funding which covered the costs of our food, gas, lodging, and airfare for the artists. This enabled us to do something great! On each stop of the tour, we asked those in attendance to give generously, knowing that each penny they donated would go DIRECTLY to digging wells in southern Sudan. It wasn’t going in our gas tanks or in our pockets.

Why dig wells? Because every 15 seconds, a child dies from water-related diseases.

This time around, we want to Rock for California. Using connections we have established with non-profits and homeless shelters throughout the state, we want to do our part by using the many talents and resources we have. We make music and Rock for Water showed us that alone is enough to help another in need. This grant will cover the costs of travel while every penny raised on the road will go directly to the shelter in each city.

Will you Rock with us?