December 15, 2009

Harper Simon plays Cellar Door!

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Harper Simon, son of Paul Simon (yes, of Simon & Garfunkel) will be performing at The Cellar Door on Thursday, December 17th at 9:30pm.

His tour comes after high praise from Rolling Stone Magazine, who had great things to say about his new album “Harper Simon” . Simon also recently appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman”.


A word about our calendar

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Our new calendar is up now on our website, and it’s still not perfect, but we’re working on it.  The good news is, now you have several ways to get your information, and you can surf on your phone!

One of the problems we’re having is showing events that repeat, such as Tumbao Tuesdays.  They repeat on the other calendars, but not the fancy black calendar, so don’t be confused if you see it on one, but not the other. We’re working on it, sorry!

Other than that, we are happy to be able to give you several different options, including a printable calendar. So check it out at–news.html and tell us what you think!

Also, you can find us on facebook, myspace, twitter, broadtexter, our email list, and of course, this blog, and our website.  We’ll see you around!

December 1, 2009

They are the Argyle Pimps, so buy them a drink…

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It’s like a comedian had a baby with a geeky rapper- you don’t have to use your imagination to picture what that would be like, you just have to come out and see the show Friday, December 4th. With their clever rhymes and charming sarcasm, you’ll be more than mildly entertained. If you have a sense of humor, that is, and well, since you’ll already be there to see Gary Lee open for them, we’re sure you do!

$5, 21+, 9:30pm
The Cellar Door
101 W. Main St., Visalia CA