March 31, 2009

Marnie “Wow” Stern…

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At least I think that’s her middle name- if not it should be- because that’s the comment I heard over and over again about her and her band. It was an amazingly fun, loud, awesome show. The perfect cure for an otherwise boring Thursday night! Check out the video below.


March 10, 2009

The Euphoria of EFTERKLANG

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Beautifully captivating and unique is one way to decribe Efterklang, from Denmark. Their mesmerizing harmonies, infectious hand-clapping and feet-stomping rythms will get even the most stoic concert-goer reason to move around.

The amazing thing about this band, is that their presence is so unique and interesting to so many different people, that even the most distracted audience member will close their mouths, perk up their ears and listen. Shushes aren’t often heard when this band plays, because their performance draws in each and every person in a gentle way.

Thanks to the many people who came out Monday night- aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this show?